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Sale / Discount - Mencuci tanpa Deterjen, cukup pakai nano washing ball

Mencuci lebih irit plus murah tanpa detergent pakai nano Laundry Ball Jawabannya :
Order : 08128373564
Berat : 200 gram
Detail Produk:
Original From Pricipals :
Product Name :
Laundry Ball, washing Ball

Description :

It is a kind of environmental protection laundry ball, which contains no harmful chemicals such as phosphor and boron. It is made of active macromolecule solid washing granules and has peculiar rotundity. It can be used for washing any clothes and fabric.

Application :

For washing various clothes, esp. for children’s and top grade cloth to sterilize, remove stain and anti crease etc

Specifications & Features :

Specification: round plastic ball, inner is packed with multifunctional washing balls
Diameter: 7.5cm
Weight of the ball: 140g/pc
Colors:Blue white

Ingredients :
Higher alkyl sulfate, non-ionic tenside, metasilicate, essence, water

Washing Elements:
Utilizing physical combined with chemical elements to wash clothing, adopting macromolecule activated solid granule and unique appearance design, slowly release during the course of washing, emulsify oil stain and generate excessive OH-. That increases PH of water and activates water molecule. Activated water molecule is easy to filter into the inside of clothing fibre and makes combination between filth and fibre loose. Under the stirring of washing machine, filth will be separated from fibre more quickly and scatter in the water, so as to reach the effect of cleanout.

Advantages :

1. Inner is packed with solid gradual releasing washing granule, which does not contain harmful chemical element, such as phosphor and boron, etc.
2. Easy to use, strong cleanout capability. No harm to clothes and skin.
3. Can save water and electricity. The clothes after being washed is softener and more fragrant.
4. Can be used circularly and the granules inside the ball are replaceable.

Instruction For Use:
1. Put clothes in the washing machine first, and put environmental protection laundry balls in it. No need of adding washing powder.
2. Wash clothes according to normal operational programs.
3. Collapsible, cuff or stubborn stains, lay on it with stain stick first, and put in the washing machine to cleanout.
4. Acceptable for various washing machines and hand wash.
5.When less clothing only need to put one laundry ball. If mass clothing need to put two laundry balls.
6. After washing put the laundry ball in ventilated place to let it dry out naturally. Repeat above methods in next using.

Cautions :
1. Same with washing powder, for very dirt collapsible and cuff, use common detergent as pretreatment before washing, then wash.
2. Soak for a while before washing, which will be better for washing effect.
3. Laundry ball can be remained all along in the washing machine, but reusing after being dried out will have better effect and longer using life.
4. If washing volume of the washing machine is lower than 5kg, use one set (two balls) of laundry ball. If washing volume of the washing machine is above 5kg, use two sets (four balls) of laundry balls, the rest may be deduced by analogy.
5. Don’t let children play the inner packed washing granules as toy.
6. Calculating according to washing volume of the washing machine is within 5kg, and washing one time per day, it can be used for 100times repeatedly.

Harga: Rp.150.000
Harga: Rp.75.000
Hemat: Rp.75.000

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