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Harga Jual Classy Style Energy Pi Cup LongRich Indonesia Original

Alkaline Energy Flask longrich sangat luar biasa. Jika anda mempunyai uang lebih dan sayang akan tubuh anda. saya sarankan order produk ini. telah terjual ribuan produk di seleuruh dunia lewat jaringan /network ataupun Konvensional

Pi Cup Alkali Water

“Solusi Sehat Air Minum Anda “

Air adalah sumber untuk kehidupan dan kebutuhan akan air adalah kedua setelah oksigen. Kurang lebih 70 % berat orang dewasa terdiri atas air , dan berfungsi sebagai perantara pada seluruh kegiatan tubuh manusia.

Oleh karena itu air dalam tubuh dapat membantu pencernaan , metabolism dan peredaran darah , menyeimbangkan suhu tubuh, mengubah vitamin , menutrisi sel dan membuang kotoran . Kualitasnya sejajar dengan kehidupan.
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Pi Water Cup - The Nature's Way of Producing Alkaline Water The Importance of Healthy Drinking Water Water is the source of life and people's demand for water is second only to oxygen. Water accounts for 60% to 70% of adult weight, and acts as an intermediary in all life activities of human being.

As water in the body can improve digestion, metabolism and blood circulation, balance body temperature, transform nutrients, nourish cells and excrete waste. Its quality is equivalent to that of life.

The detailed standards of the healthy drinking water can be vulgarly concluded as follows :
1. Do not contain any toxic, harmful or smelly substances.
2. Water hardness within the range of 30 to 200 (based on the scales of calcium carbonate).
3. Contain appropriate mineral composition that human body need.
4. pH value is presented as weal alkaline, from 7.45 to 8.
5. Dissolved oxygen more than 6mg/L, and contains appropriate carbon dioxide.
6. Half width of molecular cluster is less than 100Hz.
7. Act as nutritional media by having functions like dissolution capacity, penetration capacity, diffusion capacity, metabolic capacity, emulsifying capacity, and cleaning capacity.

So far, it's only ALKALINE BALANCED WATER that can fully meet the above criteria. ALKALINE BALANCED WATER is not only suitable for long-term consumption by healthy people, but also plays an apparent role on regulating gastrointestinal and blood lipid, as well as anti-oxidant, anti-fatigue and beautifying.

What water do you drink?

-Alkaline waters are beneficial to our health (pH7.4-8.5)
-Neutral waters are neutral to our health (pH7) -Acidic waters are detrimental to our health (pH3-6.9) Acidic environment in your body can cause many problems:

- Our blood has difficulty in carrying oxygen; our bones are losing calcium leads to osteoporosis; we would develop kidney stones and might cause damage to the kidneys; it helps cancer growth, obesity, fatigue, etc.

To prevent these health problems is to drinks Alkaline Water.

What make our body acidic?
• Acidic Water
- Acidic drinking water, carbonated drinks.
• Acidic Food - meat, sweat food, fried food, flour
• Smoking
• Alkohol
• Drugs Pi-Cup - Utilizing the power of nature, Tourmaline (the amazing electric stone) to produce Alkaline Water Some of those who know about Tourmaline, call it "the nature's electric stone". Tourmaline, embedded in the filter of Pi-Cup, is use to naturally ionize water molecules and transform the water in the cup into mild alkaline water, pH 7.4~8.5.
Tourmaline is also a nature's source of Far Infrared (FIR) and Negative Ions.

The Structure of Pi-Cup Sectional diagram below shows the structure of Pi-Cups.

Double layer tailless vacuum
- Hightech insulation with hours, up to 6~8 hours. High-net Filter
- Mainly consists of single crystal grade rough ground tourmaline, negative ion ball, tourmaline which which have functions of producing mild alkaline water, create negative ions and provide oxygen content. Combination of Double Filters - The combination of high-net and low-net filters to achieve different functions and greater effects. Inner Wall and Housing
- Apply food-grade environmental protection with special steel, long lasting and safe. Low-net Filter - mainly consist of Pi stone, KDF filter material, far infrared ball, which enrich zinc, stimulate small molecules activity, create negative ions, eliminate chlorine and harmful heavy metals. Low-net filter is permanently effective without replacement.

Harga: Rp.1.680.000

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