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Mini Magic Stick, Germanium Roller beuty 99%,Stick Ajaib, Nano beuty wand,beauty roller)

Nano beuty wand, Beauty Roller, Magic stick roller, germanium roller,stick ajaib dll
Cocok Untuk pria/wanita... U/gift, kado,hadiah dll mari diorder !
Berat : 200 gram
Detail Produk:
Nano beuty wand,Beauty Roller, Magic stick roller, germanium roller,stick ajaib dll
Apapaun orang menyebutnya... sangat berfungsi untuk
mengurangi dan membakar lemak dalam kulit
-Mengurangi lipatan dan kerutan pada kulit
-Mengencangkan bagian yang kendur
-menghaluskan dan menjadikan kulit segar
-membat awet muda untuk kulit pria/wanita

Cara Pakai : Gerakan roller magic stick, beauty roller,germanium roller, nano beauty wand dll kepermukaan wajah atau permukaan kulit yang anda inginkan , setiap hari 5-10 menit untuk mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal..
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Beauty roller with germanium stone
Packaging: box
Material: aluminum+germanium
Color: silver, red and gold
For : women , man
Produk: Import

Balances negative and positive ions allowing the user to have healthy skin which helps remove the puffiness in the face

1. The presence of semi-conductor technology which emits negative ions and the presence of organic germanium indeed results in removing wrinkles and dark spots from the face
2. Tightens and maintains the skin to make it healthy and look young
3. Aids in facial slimming
4. Helps eliminate tiredness and fatigue
5. Has over 200 mv of negative Ions energy
6. The negative charge ions from the germanium will help in blood purification and balancing the positive and negative ions in the body. This also achieves muscle relieving effects aside from reducing fatigue and tiredness
7. The acidification of the blood which is caused by the loss of electrons can be prevented by negative ions, which contain an abundant amount of electrons. This improves the body's immunity and resistance to sickness
8. One roll is equivalent to 1,000 taps during a massage
9. Germanium helps get oxygen into the body and increases metabolism which allows the body to detoxify
10.Helps to push the waste water out of the face and system which results in healthier skin and overall radiant health
11.Moisturize dry and cracked skin,revitalize dull skin tone and removal of dead cells from it

Order Now : 0812 83 73564, www.bioenergipendant.com

Note ;
Knowledge Theory of Magnetic Therapy:

The magnetic field from magnets can adjust the body of ion of Yin and Yang,then promote blood circulation, and increase the oxygen levels in the blood. The magnetic field from magnets will increase anion level in boy and adjust the positive and anion in balance.So it will revive the blood circulation, increase level of oxygen, promote immunity and so on.

Fuctions of magnets:
-Reduce blood fat
-Promote immunity of body
-Adjust the abnormal bioelectricity and biomagnets.
-Lower free radicals and postpone senility.

Far infrared ray:
-Far infrared emissivity of germanium is 92.1%, its wavelength is 8-10 um, which is the optimal frequency and wavelength people can absorb. The far infrared ray can deeply go into our body absorbing toxic substances and heavy metals, and then decomposes them. It can help the body detoxify and maintain vitality.
- Far infrared ray has resonance effect on our cells. Due to its thermal effect, it expands blood capillaries, improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

negative ion:
-Negative Ions promote a better metabolism within the body.
-Negative Ions improves the body's immune system, giving the body greater ability to fight off a host of illnesses, and diseases.
-Negative Ions enhance the body's ability to function, assisting the vital organs so that they may more effectively do their jobs.
-Negative Ions adjust to the body's muscle function to create a better balance in the body.
-Strengthen brain function and mental focus, improving spirit.
-Helpful for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and high blood pressure in recovering more quickly, by alleviating vessel convulsion spasms and normalizing blood pressure.
-Prolong clotting time; oxygenate the blood, increasing blood oxygen transport and absorption.
-Improve lung volume strengthening pulmonary functions.

-Improve blood circulation and immunity
-Relieve fatigue and improve sleep
-Alleviate all kinds of nerve pain
-Reducing stressed blood vessels which can alleviate Migraine
-Modulate clamminess and wind chill
-Ease low back pain and pain due to Arthritis
-Modulate blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar and some physiological function
-Assist in the body in curing cancer (broadly) by clearing blockages
-Detoxification (residual waste and heavy metal in our body)
-Activate cellular oxidation which supports Anti-aging

Harga: Rp.150.000

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